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At Shriram Logistics Services we understand the importance of temperature sensitive products and the critical timelines for delivery along with a widespread reach. The logistics facility is hence, a clear extension of the cold storage warehousing and is offered with the same efficiency and business effectiveness. In a short span, we have become preferred partners to numbers clients from across the globe only by a vision for total client satisfaction as well as being very comprehensive and cognisant to the demands of the industry.

Shriram Logistics Services is one of the best Refrigerated trucks service providers in recent times. As the population grows, the demand for food, chemicals and pharma products rises . A large number of people depend on reefer trucks to carry their perishable goods. Refrigerated trucks are very important in warehousing and supply chain management.

There are many reasons as to why refrigerated trucks are important in the industry. The main reason is the increased consumption of perishable goods. Food, chemicals and pharma demands are rising at a rapid rate and the logistics companies have to look for advanced refrigeration methods to cope with the demands. Advanced refrigeration systems help the companies to increase their productivity. It helps us to deliver goods within the stipulated time.

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We strive to provide a seamless solution for your logistics requirement:
24 hour - 7 day operations
Dedicated high quality service
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